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About ESPCA mental health

The School results from combined efforts of partner institutions and researchers from the state of São Paulo (Federal University of São Carlos, University of São Paulo and Paradigma Center for Science and Behavioral Technology) and, on its first edition, is ready to welcome both nationally and internationally renowned speakers as well as mental health practitioners.  

São Paulo Schools of Advanced Science are geared to the academic community developing cutting-edge science. They constitute important opportunities to increase interaction between researchers and attract national and international young scientists to São Paulo. ESPCA guest lecturers and speakers are highly visible researchers worldwide, evidenced by elements such as distinguished scientific awards, impact publications recognized by the community, and leadership in internationally prominent organizations. Each ESPCA receives about 100 students, of which around 50% are from outside of Brazil.

ESPCA mental health was idealised by:

Phd Francisco Lotufo Neto

Universidade de São Paulo

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Phd Maria de Jesus Dutra dos Reis

Universidade Federal de São Carlos

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Phd Denis Roberto Zamignani

Associação Paradigma Centro de Ciências e Tecnologia do Comportamento. 

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